Friday, May 29, 2009

finding the time

since easter i have been sewing and sewing!! i also made strawberry jam and planted a lovely garden! when i find the time i will get the pictures up along with finally updating my etsy shop! we only have two more weeks of school and it is crunch time.
i hope everyone is having a great time and enjoying the weather!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


gotta love some dyed easter eggs!!! we had a great easter holiday with lots of family and tons of food!! my mom rocks on the spread!!
working on some new bags to finally update my etsy shop!! YEAY!!
hope all are enjoying the spring weather, i am thrilled to be outside. now if i could only figure out how to sew with my machine outside!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


the Easter dress! this is actually two dresses in one. the pinafore/jumper can be wore separately from the other dress. i love this toile that i stumbled apon at joanns fabric store!! i bought all they had :) can you see the bunnies? the pokadot is a quilting cotton that matched perfectly!!
she looks adorable in it and i will get a picture of her in it!!
happy day!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

fun stuff

a nice surprise for me...thanks you FB! a dear new friend had this machine laying around his house and new that i loved to sew..and gave her to me!!!! joy!

isn't she lovely!! runs great just need to ge some other presser feet for it!!!

as a thank you i made his little girls my book you can never have to many handbags to cram your important stuff into at any age!!

one is a monogramed bag and the other is kinda like a sling bag, something new i was trying. they were fun to make and i am sure i will make more...can't help myself!!!

need to figure out how to remove the date stamping feture on my camera..arg!

have a great day!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

no photo

sorry no photo.....i wish i had pictures to show of the swaps that i have done but i do not!! i sent out my goodies and have yet to have the package recieving excitment!!! i know people are busy and life does get in the way of all the things we want to do but...well i do not want to rant any more! done, out of the system and if i do recieve those packages i will happily share !!!

i will have some crafy things that i am working on to share shortly!!!

have a great week!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

to cut or not to cut!!!

i love her long hair but...the screeching when it is
time to brush it is drive me crazy!!! i was just thinking of a long bob for the summer. that way she could still have ponytails if she wanted!! just a hard call to make!!
also, check out this groovy bag i made for a friend of mine! she provided the fabric and i gave my turned out great!! i even had enough fabric to make a key chain and tissue holder!!!
it is a good size too! enough room for all the crap mommies need to carry but won't break your back hauling it around!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

this is what i made for the handmade toy swap!!! two dollies, a burp cloth, hair ponies,pin cushion and brooch. i also add some bits of fabric and trim!!
all was well recieved!!! it sounds like her girls really enjoy their goodies!! here is a link to her site... Julie..makes a ton of groovy things and takes great care of her family!!!