Wednesday, August 29, 2007

roll with it!

after complaining a bit about being closer to forty than thirty i spent most of monday in the ER. i now have to have my gulbladder removed. this will all happen on friday as in 2 days from now!! so i will really have a relaxed weekend before school starts and as long as i can sew/craft something i will stay some what sain. i am not one to just sit and wait, even at the ER i wasn't sitting still. enough ramble i will post soon!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

closer to forty than thirty

Well, You guessed it. It is my birthday!!! So far so good. My birthday's are for the most part are pretty calm. I guess it is because its the end of summer and everyone is getting ready for back to school and squeezing in that last vaction. In the past years I had one of my sisters get married on the 25th so the rehersal was my birthday and then another baptised her twins. My mom always has a way of making me feel good on my birthday!! If you know my mom you know what I mean!! (cup cake pan)

In the mail yesterday I recieved this goody, I was a runner up in a button counting contest that Liz from be present be here had. I love! it!!! The purse is perfect, I was looking for one that I could use just for me without all the toddler/kid stuff!!! the notebook is so pretty I am not sure what I will jot down in there.

I have also been busy organizing my sewing/dinning room and I think I have it at a good place now. My family can easily sit and eat dinner and I can create better in a less cluttered area.

have a great weekend!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

the cup cake

I made the giant cup cake the other day. I followed the recipe for double chocolate pound cak that came with the pan. (wilton recipe) I was sad to say that I was very disapointed with it. The cake itself looked yummy but it really wasn't chocolaty enough and a bit dry. I plan on trying it again but with a family pound cake recipe. I do think this needs a pound cake or other dense cake in order for the bottom to support the top. I did have fun making this and will post the next try soon. Happy Baking!!!!!

As you can see my daughter didn't care what the cake tasted like! She was just excited to have a giant cup cake!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Look at what my mom got me for my upcoming birthday!!!

This pan is made by Wilton but Sur la table sells it. I love cupcakes and will be making this later on this evening!! I can't wait!!

Bonus: It even has a recipe for chololate pound cake!! YUMMY!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

busy busy busy!!!

Among all the billions of things I am trying to do before school starts!! I have been doing a bunch of clean house projects!! Must get done jobs and a few not so urgent ones!LOL!!

Here is what my sewing /dinning room looks like at the moment and my organized button collection!! I figure I will take baby steps and do the little things I can get done in a few hours.

We will see how it goes!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

still here

i have been knee deep in rearanging bed rooms and painting. which all comes along with cleaning all the crap you just rearanged!!! i am getting my kids better situaded in their rooms so i can start to create a better work area for me!! if i am not happy, well no one will be and we can't have that.
i need to take some pictures of what i have been doing too. well i will add that to my to do list!!

happy creating ;)