Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i just love them!! i am making them as gifts and also would love to win some!! check out this groovy give away!!

Have a great Halloween!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

sew mama sew winner

i was just checking the site and i am a winner!!! the hard part will be picking the fabric!! so many beauties to choose from!!! i am thinking owls right now!!!

dyson love

i have been trying to link this post to
publish a button but alas i an having a hard time doing it. oh well, they are giving away a Dyson pink vacume on thursday!!

maybe the winner could be me!! we will see!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

halloween fun

My mom has a yearly a Halloween party for her now 15 grandchildren, so this year I decided to make her an apron for the party!! Do you love it?! I made one for myself too!! We all had a blast and the kids were loaded with sugar(go mom!) and of course she made a ton of yummy food!! So after I rolled away from her house I came home and made some treat bags for my kids and one for a swap(note to self go to postoffice!) I made the bags from some towels that I got from the dollar store and added some basic nylon handles!! Now we have bags ready to hold all the loot they are willing to trick or treat for!! I will help hold any almond joys they feel like they can't carry!! Have a fun halloween!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

crazy crazy

i was ill again and in the hospital for 4 days but all is well again!! lol!! i finally got to give Weston his bag and his mom liked it a bunch!! i also did a little school craft/bizarre thing that was fun but not very profitable. i met a couple of really nice ladies so the day was fun!!
be back with some crafty stuff soon!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

tote bag fun

today i made this groovy bag for a little guy in our music together class that my daughter and i take!! this was a bunch of fun to make!! i don't usually get to make things for boys to often!! i appliqued his name on it which i think turned out well and also confirmed my desire for an embroidery machine!! lots of twisting and turning with the machine!(lucky i didn't break a needle)

i will be bringing it to class tomorrow for him!! i'm sure both his mom and him will enjoy it!!!

i think i will make some more totes for boys!! i do have 9 nephews and my 2 boys that might like a bag for all their boy stuff!!(legos and cars along with the random stick and rock collections)LOL!!! boys are funny!

enjoy your day!!!