Wednesday, January 16, 2008

not so much

crafty goodness going on lately. I have been doing the January purge and decluttering ans just getting rid of stuff!!
Over at Domestic Chicky she has some very groovy retro pink jewlery she is giving away!!! SO go check it out.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

more aprons

the apronistas are at it again!!! apron give away and a groovy book too!! go check it out!!.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


i am not able to type very well today!! i slammed my middle finger in my driver side door last night!

i had a lovely evening planned! i was just going to the bookstore/coffee shop to hang out with a good friend and do some little crafting! i got out of my car and closed the door leaving my finger in the door. i quickly opened the door to see my finger cut on both sides. i walk into the bookstore, found my friend and we headed to the bathroom to wash my finger. we decided to head to the ER but not before i got my coffee!!!! the ER was a blast!! the nurses and doc were witty and quick!! we were in and out in a little over an hour!!

3 x-rays and 8 stiches later here i am. surprisingly not in at much pain as i thought i would be in.

now i need to figure out how i am going to get some crafting done. like many i want to start a gift pile so i am not in that much or a made rush when i want to make a gift for someone.

any way all is well and now on the road to healling!!! have a great day!!!

here is a picture of the bandaged digit!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the party's over

I hope every one have a wonderful holiday!!

Christmas went well!! I love how in a matter of minutes all the mayhem and squealing calms down. When the kids are engrossed in putting together legos and listening to I PODS. My oldest was outside by 7:05 am driving his remote control car and plane. He was so excited it was great to see!! My other son slapped on his mp3 player and dove into a sea of Legos!!! He came up for lunch and that was it!!! The 3 year old, Well she played doll house and princess for hours. All in all a nice christmas.

New years was going to be very uneventful... but my oldest, who plays roller hockey was injured last night. We were at the ER until 10pm!! He sprained his ankle and will be on crutches for a bit. He is excited because I will have to drive him to school and pick him up. I guess the upside is that he wants to go to school!!!

Anyway, We are planning on relaxing today... well the kids are, anyone who knows me knows I do not relax very often.

Have a great new year!!!!!