Tuesday, October 2, 2007

tote bag fun

today i made this groovy bag for a little guy in our music together class that my daughter and i take!! this was a bunch of fun to make!! i don't usually get to make things for boys to often!! i appliqued his name on it which i think turned out well and also confirmed my desire for an embroidery machine!! lots of twisting and turning with the machine!(lucky i didn't break a needle)

i will be bringing it to class tomorrow for him!! i'm sure both his mom and him will enjoy it!!!

i think i will make some more totes for boys!! i do have 9 nephews and my 2 boys that might like a bag for all their boy stuff!!(legos and cars along with the random stick and rock collections)LOL!!! boys are funny!

enjoy your day!!!


Jenmomof4 said...

That turned out great!!

I love things that are personalized!

Emma in Canada said...

Hi there, I have you in the autumn swap so if you could email your address that would be fantastic.