Friday, November 23, 2007


i have been enjoying my leftovers all day long!! a little nibble here and there. i did't want to eat enough to get into full on nap mode!! i did get to eat the last of the stuffing which my husband was a little miffed at!!he got over it and then took a nap!!!!
well now we are gearing up for the christmas fun, i am not one to usually go out on black friday but this year i did run into target for a certaim lego item for one of my boys!! i did not go at 4am or some crazy time like that i waited until dinner time when the crowds calm down. he will be a very happy camper come christmas morning!!!!
time to make my list and check it twice!! also need to make the list of supplies for all the craft projects i want to make!!!
have a great week/ weekend!!!!

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