Thursday, January 3, 2008


i am not able to type very well today!! i slammed my middle finger in my driver side door last night!

i had a lovely evening planned! i was just going to the bookstore/coffee shop to hang out with a good friend and do some little crafting! i got out of my car and closed the door leaving my finger in the door. i quickly opened the door to see my finger cut on both sides. i walk into the bookstore, found my friend and we headed to the bathroom to wash my finger. we decided to head to the ER but not before i got my coffee!!!! the ER was a blast!! the nurses and doc were witty and quick!! we were in and out in a little over an hour!!

3 x-rays and 8 stiches later here i am. surprisingly not in at much pain as i thought i would be in.

now i need to figure out how i am going to get some crafting done. like many i want to start a gift pile so i am not in that much or a made rush when i want to make a gift for someone.

any way all is well and now on the road to healling!!! have a great day!!!

here is a picture of the bandaged digit!!

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Christine said...

OUCH! I hope your finger heals quickly. I broke my toe last year and I remember how much that hurt.

The ornament I made I did on 28ct evenweave for CrossStitch. I haven't done any Needlepoint. My Great-grandmother did some beautiful tablecloths, that I hope one day get passed down to me.

Again I hope your finger feels better soon.

Christine@ AreWeThereYetMom