Friday, August 24, 2007

closer to forty than thirty

Well, You guessed it. It is my birthday!!! So far so good. My birthday's are for the most part are pretty calm. I guess it is because its the end of summer and everyone is getting ready for back to school and squeezing in that last vaction. In the past years I had one of my sisters get married on the 25th so the rehersal was my birthday and then another baptised her twins. My mom always has a way of making me feel good on my birthday!! If you know my mom you know what I mean!! (cup cake pan)

In the mail yesterday I recieved this goody, I was a runner up in a button counting contest that Liz from be present be here had. I love! it!!! The purse is perfect, I was looking for one that I could use just for me without all the toddler/kid stuff!!! the notebook is so pretty I am not sure what I will jot down in there.

I have also been busy organizing my sewing/dinning room and I think I have it at a good place now. My family can easily sit and eat dinner and I can create better in a less cluttered area.

have a great weekend!!!!

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Jodie said...

Happy birthday from someone who is also closer to forty than thirty - hope you have had a grand time !