Monday, August 20, 2007

the cup cake

I made the giant cup cake the other day. I followed the recipe for double chocolate pound cak that came with the pan. (wilton recipe) I was sad to say that I was very disapointed with it. The cake itself looked yummy but it really wasn't chocolaty enough and a bit dry. I plan on trying it again but with a family pound cake recipe. I do think this needs a pound cake or other dense cake in order for the bottom to support the top. I did have fun making this and will post the next try soon. Happy Baking!!!!!

As you can see my daughter didn't care what the cake tasted like! She was just excited to have a giant cup cake!!!


Jodie said...

A cake that size !!! I would be excited too.
Any more info on the pan - I can't find anything here in Australia.

diana said...

The pan came from Sur la Table, they have an online store. Look under "new" or "bakeware". If that won't work we could figure out some thing to get you one. I possibilites of this pan are too many!! I am going to try something with icecream inside soon. Let me know. Diana

Kelly McCants said...

OH you did it!!!!

That is so cool! I want one so bad! My best "cake loving" friend just lost her brother in law I am ordering one for her to have. Just a little something to make her smile! She is hard core. She has a CAKE room, yep some of have craft rooms or sewing rooms, she has a cake room! I want her to start a cupcake shop here in Richmond!!!


Diana, You made me fall off my chair laughing! you know it that is some darn fine fabric! Did you check the clearance?